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Coreen Hartley

Circus artist, night club and event animation acts, Street theater, Cabaret, Object theater,  Impro

in comedy/clown,  and music. Lived and worked in many different countries around the world , and with companies

from England, France, Australia, USA, Peru, Portugal,  Spain and the Netherlands.  She created two solo shows .  Currently        playing in the “Perky  and Fiddle Show” and plays  Zeldah in " Zazi".

Henriette Reesema


Dancer, performer, choreographer, physical theater actress, cabaret artist and clown. Worked in Engeland, Spain and Netherlands in dance, improvisation and object theater  companies. Performs several solo and duo cabaret acts.  She uses her body to speak any language.  Now living in France and running the Art center, Madonarts. In her role as Zazi, she is making regular disappearances with the  Zigliani family.

Laura Stam

Performer, clown, decor and special effect builder.
She likes her shows to be accessible to everyone regardless of age, language or social background.
Believes the misfortune of man is a greatinspiration for the role of the clown.
 Plays in the "Perky and Fiddle"
show and plays Zora in "Zazi".
 Played with Silo theater,
T.G  Het Meubilair and Collective Mobiel

For all questions and bookings, please get in touch through

We will get back to you asap with the answer, but won't reveal our family secret!



     Zazi is overwhelmed and excited to relive her glory days once again.

She surprises Zelda with a few unforeseen tricks,

and then the act takes an unexpected turn,

leaving the audience

awed, mystified....and alone......

performance fotoos

   Zazi is a magic show.

          We perform a genuine magic trick without the use of mirrors, tunnels or smoke screens.

   We play in broad daylight, on the street or in a theater

           The ladies from Companie Zed give the audience the excitement and wonderment of watching magic take place before their very eyes and at the same  time the enjoyment of laughter.

            In this black comedy these three characters make a parody of ageing, frustration and unbearable shyness.


a comical magicshow by three generations of zigliani women

It is the 100th birthday of the once famous yet long forgotten illusionist , Zazi. Her daughter, the frustrated magician, Zeldah, and her granddaughter, the shy, clumsy assistant, Zora, invite the audience to join them in a celebration.  They surprise Zazi with the opportunity to take to the stage once again and perform, "The Incredible Disappearing Woman",  the magic show in which Zazi had achieved great heights of fame with her late husband,

"The Great Zed Zigliani".

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Magic Show Zazi


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